Nufferton is a pyjama label – the first in its category that hasn’t been designed specifically to make you look ridiculous – and was launched in June 2016. With a design philosophy and aesthetic rooted in its Swedish heritage, the brand was founded with the idea of creating a contemporary version of the classic, but nearly forgotten, garment.

Nufferton’s first collection consists entirely of our hero style – Uno – a unisex pyjama that is currently available in 9 different colours and sold through the brand’s online store. ‘Uno’ obviously translates to “number one” but is also, more importantly, an old weird Swedish name.

Nufferton was founded in Stockholm, and perhaps it’s not a coincidence. Swedes spend more time at home than anyone in the world. The company is made up by four partners, who come from fashion, design and advertising (Henrik Düfke – Creative Director, Felipe Montt – Creative Director, Adam Lindberg – Managing Director, Eva Mattsson – Head of Production).

Their first lookbook was shot with Stockholm-based photographer Nina Holma.