Lluis Corujo Besga and ANDREA CAMMAROSANO have known each other for over ten years. They have been lovers, friends, partners, across countries and continents. For Andrea his new SS17 collection and to incarnate the concept of togetherness, they produced a documentary-conversation with Nono Pessoa, a painter, professional wrestler and long time friend. The visuals portray a definition of human bonds – soul siblings and mentors, blood family and chosen family; bonds that define genders and generations, for brothers can be sisters and sisters can be brothers.

We encounter an intimate portrait of Nono, as well as a vision of two other characters – slender, long-limbed and wistful, genderless in their beautifully embroidered t-shirts. Fitted in a tight wrestling singlet, Nono shares memories about painting, body and identity, as the two other figures punctuate her narration in a silence charged with intimacy. It is a display of bodies that couldn’t be more different, yet couldn’t feel more natural. “You say – sensitive, intuitive – feminine; active, decision-making, masculine”, Nono says. “But of course, a sexual organ doesn’t prevent you from being one or the other.“ Getting harnessed to a horse-like metallic structure, Nono seems to honor the promise to create new rules: – “I want to be – I want to free myself from all the boxes”.

Gender, identity and clothing – everything is fluid; everything is a journey. And the journey is more important than the destination.


Concept: Andrea Cammarosano & Lluis Corujo
Featuring: Nono Pessoa, Maurizio Giunti, Maria Abramenko
Photo: Guglielmo Profeti + Video: Tommaso Cappelletti
Camera: David Hartono & Tommaso Cappelletti
Music: Marc Kate – Every Confession. At the Same Time.
Special thanks to: Lluis Corujo Besga, Samira Yusifova, Polina Stepanova
Realised in collaboration with: Monogrid