Lovers of special and unique items, there is something that interests you, and it is the new Holiday collection of accessories, bags, and shoes just unveiled by the Italian luxury brand Marni, creatively directed by Francesco Risso.

Christmas is usually the time of the year when fantasy and fun are at their most prevalent, which is why the team behind the company’s new line of accessories and shoes has chosen to give these two elements to all the pieces in the line. This can be seen in the gloves, balaclavas, and scarves, made of virgin wool, evoking animal shapes and with which you won’t lose a bit of style despite the cold; in the sparkling jewellery, which includes necklaces and chain bracelets, with rhinestones inlaid in each link, to earrings, all made in Italy; or in the already iconic Fussnett Sabot shoes made of leather enriched with rhinestones.

The series is completed with lobster-shaped key rings; small leather accessories; and bags with retro aesthetics and architectural shapes, such as the “Triangle Prisma” model, inspired by origami construction and combining sophistication and utility. This style is accompanied by a more contemporary one in smooth leather, enhanced by delicate brass detailing, which accentuates the vintage-inspired appeal that is intended. All bags are notable for their puffed structure and softness to the touch.

Marni Holiday Collection is now available on, in selected Marni boutiques, and luxury stores worldwide.

See the collection below: