Boiler Room‘s  Fall/Winter 2023 collection has finally hit the scene, drawing inspiration from its global community’s life and style. This collection blends elements of alt-club culture with Boiler Room’s signature tees and sweats, resulting in a reflection of today’s diverse dancefloor.

The collection embraces a genre-blurring fusion of motocross, heavy metal, and the occult, delving into the darker side of club music. Pagan symbolism and satanic graphics make their presence felt throughout the collection, adding an eerie vibe that aligns with the season’s mantra: ‘It’s better in the dark.’

Featuring all-over prints, the collection showcases real tree camo patterns on short and long-sleeve graphic tees, along with a ‘Giger’-esque mechanical engine print gracing a matching co-ord chore jacket and worker pants. While the season may be dark, Boiler Room introduces an electric print long-sleeve motocross tee adorned with satanic graphics in red or blue, offering a winter alternative to the summer’s football shirt obsession.

In a unique collaboration, Boiler Room joins forces with London label Stain Shade, known for breathing new life into recycled everyday garments through vibrant hand-dyed tie-dye techniques. This partnership results in chop shop tees with contrasting tie-dye body paneling detail, perfect for standing out on the dance floor.

To capture the essence and energy of the club, Boiler Room enlists London Photographer Vasilis Kalegias, who encapsulates the collection’s spirit at London’s legendary Oval Space, located just a stone’s throw away from Boiler Room’s birthplace.

Check out the collection below: