Independent publishing house Études Books has always spotlighted the multi-disciplinary creations of artists from the contemporary art scene. For their latest 2022 publication, the Parisian fashion studio is pleased to unveil the book N°26 created with renowned Italian and London-based artist Alesso Bolzoni.


According to the photographer, the personification of objects and the body caught between two states are his favorite themes. Featured in past collaborations between Bolzoni and Études, these topics resurface in I SPEAK A LANGUAGE THAT IS NOT MINE. The book expresses a visual reflection through fragments, recurrences and visual scansions.

‘‘It’s an observation of reality as I see it – a personal, social and political registration of reality filtered through the lens of photo notes. Every detail tells a story and reveals something about my practice of living. This is my language.’’ – Alessio Bolzoni.

Digital photographs, scans, facsimiles, screenshots: these various images, put in relation to one another, compose a mental cartography of the artist’s state of mind. Bodies in motion, chromatic analogies, skin details, plastic textures and press clippings instill a dynamic impression of uncanniness. The term ‘‘abuse’’ – referring to the eponymous titles of Bolzoni’s previous books takes on an evocative power and invites us to question our relationship to images. The result is an intimate visual poem about form and substance.

Exhibition presenting a selection of Bolzoni’s photographs from his Études Books N°26 I SPEAK A LANGUAGE THAT IS NOT MINE: November 10-13 and by appointment November 14 – 19.

14 rue Debelleyme 750033 Paris
At the end of the courtyard on the 1st floor.