What if we proposed a hedonistic getaway to a ghost amusement park, designed as a playground where you could indulge your every desire? Maybe you would say yes or even no. But if we told you that you would go hand in hand with Diesel and its current creative director Glenn Martens, that would be a different story, wouldn’t it? It sure would. To join this experience we just need to know what your pleasure is. Don’t be afraid, everything is allowed.

Nobody’s bitter for a sweet and we all like to be naughty and enjoy the pleasure to the fullest, but let’s be serious and behave ourselves, even if it’s just for a little while. We don’t want to play with your feelings anymore and we were telling you all this to introduce you to the new campaign of the Italian brand, which I’m sure you’ll love as soon as you see it and you’ll understand everything we told you at the beginning.

Mr. Martens along with art director Chris Simmonds and photographer Johnny Dufort have put their brilliant minds together to imagine creating the campaign in question, in which the main plot centres on a lively fun house populated by pleasure-seeking customers dressed in the brand’s clothing who are encouraged to let their deepest impulses be their guide. “Pleasure Island is all-inclusive in every way.

Featuring a cast of models dressed from top to bottom in the brand’s latest novelties, the images represent the breadth of genders, races, body types, and ages that make up the Diesel crowd. The concept reflects our embrace of defiant individualism and self-expression in all its forms. Everyone is invited to be themselves. Join the party in the wave pool. Strut your stuff in the club, and most of all have fun and give it your all on the stairs and in the bathroom, where unexpected encounters are not a hindrance.

The campaign features highlights from the collection, from an Oval D top or suit to Super Logo menswear pieces. There’s faded denim in corset silhouettes, peeling camouflage, monster cargo trousers, and couture-inspired silhouettes. The fashion reflects the attitude at Pleasure Island: uninhibited, sexy, and broadly curious. Play up your leading man complex in looks from the Pop, Utility, Denim, and Artisanal ranges of the Diesel SS23 show by Glenn Martens.

And for those who prefer to combine showmanship with comfort, you’ll find the Diesel underwear collection, inspired by the 90s and paired with watches and jewelry from the accessories line. At Pleasure Island, there is an exit for every preference.

Check out the campaign images below: