Glenn Martens is a naughty boy, like us, and if anything has become clear after his last show held in Milan during fashion week, it is that however much of a genius and good designer he is, above all he’s a person and likes to have fun and enjoy life. But always being sensible, because then come the scares and we don’t want that.

Can there be anything more beautiful in life than having the ability to be free, to be able to enjoy pleasure in the first person, or to experiment and play? Absolutely not. It is true that in some cultures, for reasons we won’t go into, they, unfortunately, can’t do what we have just said, but well, let’s hope that time will move on for them too, just as it has for us, and that in a few years, the situation will evolve. In the meantime, grab a box of condoms from Durex and Diesel, and have fun. They won’t be mad that you “borrowed” one, because one of the two hundred thousand boxes in the room, arranged in the shape of a mountain, is nothing. By the way and for your information, not only the lucky ones who attended the fashion show will have the opportunity to have sex with condoms of the brand, but any of you will be able to go to their stores next April to get one. Remember this: Always play safe!

Now, let’s leave the condoms aside, and talk about the Fall/Winter 23 proposal presented. In case you haven’t noticed, the Diesel that was unveiled at Via Moncucco 35, could be considered the most experimental or ambitious you’ve ever seen, although it’s also accessible, a trait that it doesn’t lose despite being one of the brands of the moment and that some of its customers are very grateful for since Martens offers the possibility of acquiring “luxury” items at a not very high price.

In this version of the brand, you can’t miss its star fabric, you know what we mean, right? Denim, which stands out for the worn look it gives to the garments, is sometimes cut at the bottom of the hip and bleached. Biker style is the new black, don’t forget it. Just look at the distressed leathers revealing metallic logos, which also appear (by surprise) on the toe of several of the shoes presented, and on a new bag, called “D-Charm”, in denim, quilted and with a chain charm. The “1DR”, the brand’s flagship model, is still going strong, only next season it will come in pop-face prints, created from hyper-realistic shots of faces. They also appear on sweatshirts and coats.

Laser cutting on several of the garments and the craftsmanship are other features of the collection, which if they already triumph because they are handmade when mixed with existing materials even more so, for example, going back to them, the denim biker that has been metallised, or a scissor jacket that has been bonded with denim and then distressed. Continuing with reused materials we find nylons left over from old linings that are covered with plastic and then heated, creating a strange leather effect, which is then painted. As a result of this process, a liquid skin effect is created.

From the complexity of certain garments, we move on to more everyday wear, such as T-shirts and shorts, which are reimagined and made more interesting. How? By opening up and revealing pleats and prints underneath, and with screen prints that highlight and create shadows of Diesel logos, such as the black and white hoodie that reads “SUCCESSFUL” on the front.

Rounding out the line’s looks are the new “Prototype 3” sneaker with oversized sole and the Diesel eyewear collection, in collaboration with EssilorLuxottica. Highlights include the new frame in which the lenses float over the wire temples.

See the collection below: