Danshan‘s SS24 “Soliloquy” collection caters to the modern-day sadboi – the sentimental soul who occasionally shares his closet with his lovers. It draws its inspiration from those quiet moments alone in bed when memories of a lost love flood in, bringing with them fear, uncertainty, and the longing to heal a wounded heart. This collection mirrors the process of self-reflection, self-persuasion, and self-acceptance.

Taking a low-key approach to menswear, it prioritizes emotional needs over practicality and functionality. This is where contemporary romantic men can embrace vulnerability, shed their armor, and express their emotions freely.

Danshan maintains its affinity for “sun” patterns in both prints and embroidery, introducing new pencil drawing prints that beautifully showcase delicate fades and imperfections. Delicate fabrics like satin, chiffon, tulle, and mesh take center stage in everyday essentials. Imagine silk-blend chiffon tees, semi-sheer mesh tank tops, washed satin hoodies, and jumpers with see-through elements.

The shirting category remains Danshan’s forte, and this collection elevates the design with a refined silhouette that adds a contemporary twist to the brand’s signature style.

In a world where daring to love demands courage, we should all take pride in our ability to be, or to have been, lovers. Danshan’s Soliloquy collection pays homage to the beauty of being a hopeless romantic.

Check out the collection below: