Wax London’s third drop, ‘Ciao Bella,’ is all about easy-going summer vibes. It’s a collection that takes you on a trip to the Sicilian coast with three friends enjoying their dream holiday. Think of those chill summer days with late-night chats and the fresh scent of oranges in the air.

The clothes? They’re laid-back but stylish. You’ve got new shirts like the Corey and Faro, and the Ren and Minori that mix up the usual styles with some cool details. They’re bringing back the popular ‘Doodle’ shirts, but with a new twist—appliqué in two colors. And there’s this sheer floral shirt that’s a fresh take on lace, made with this special fabric that’s got flowers cut out of it.

Wax London is also all about the feel of the clothes. They’ve got new textures like waffle fabrics from India and some neat weaves and jacquards that catch the eye. Plus, they’re sticking with some favorites like linen, seersucker, and organic cotton, especially with the Dean T-shirts in new seasonal colors.

Check it out below: