This Spring/Summer 2024, Mikkeller, the Danish brewery that’s made a name for itself with unique beers, is launching something special. They’ve joined forces again with EDWIN, known for their denim, to bring out a new collection that’s all about fun and good vibes. The lineup includes a Tee, Long Sleeve, Hood, and some cool extras like socks and a beer stein, all featuring designs that celebrate the Tokyo Rice Lager.

The big reveal happened during Mikkeller Beer Week in Copenhagen on May 7th, 2024, at ‘Mikkeller & Friends’ in Nørrebro. A festival that’s all about beer lovers coming together.

The collection will also pop up at EDWIN Stores in London, Paris, Berlin, and Antwerp. It’s a way for Mikkeller to share a piece of their journey with more people, mixing Danish brewing with Japanese-inspired design. So, here’s to a fresh take on beer and fashion!

Check out the collection below: