Art Week in Mexico City witnessed a performance by Ayanegui and Kouros. The two creative forces joined hands to present a collection that explores the theme of “wet luxury,” a concept that challenges the conventional boundaries of design and fashion.

The collection, which was photographed by artist and photographer Guillermo Cassar, features the debut of the “Hug Bed,” a furniture piece by Kouros Maghsoudi. Kouros, who is known for his sensual and playful approach to furniture, created a bed that defies the traditional expectations of comfort and utility. The bed, which has a low-rise, chunky shape, a high-gloss fiberglass frame, and a sleek floating aluminum sheet, represents a radical reimagination of the bed as a space for intimacy and expression.

The clothing line by Ayanegui complements the bed’s design by creating an illusion of perpetual wetness. The pieces reflect themes of fluid identity and unfiltered expression, and invite the viewers to question their own assumptions and preferences.

The collaboration between Ayanegui and Kouros is a unique example of how design and fashion can intersect and inspire each other.