C2H4® has unveiled its latest collection for Spring/Summer 2024, titled Case#R009 “Aviation I”. The collection draws inspiration from the golden era of aviation, when flying was a glamorous and exciting experience, and pays homage to one of the most iconic airlines in history, Pan Am®.

The collection features a collaborative capsule with Pan Am®, which includes logo-printed jackets, hoodies, shirts, and accessories, as well as vintage-inspired luggage and travel essentials. The capsule celebrates the legacy of Pan Am®, which revolutionized air travel in the 20th century and became a symbol of innovation, style, and adventure.

The collection also showcases C2H4®’s signature design language, which blends futuristic elements with classic silhouettes. The pieces are crafted with lightweight fabrics and meticulous tailoring, creating a refined and sophisticated look that can adapt to different scenarios and environments. The collection aims to redefine the relationship between leisure and formal wear, offering versatile and comfortable outfits that suit the modern traveler’s lifestyle.

Check it out below: