AMI is set to host a repeat show in Suzhou, China, marking another chapter in its storied relationship with the country. The event, scheduled for April 10th, 2024, will take place against the backdrop of the historic Xiangmen Ancient Wall, infusing the presentation with the city’s rich cultural tapestry.

Founder Alexandre Mattiussi reflects on the brand’s journey, “Ever since our beginnings, China has played a pivotal part in the history and success of AMI. In 2019, AMI hosted its first show abroad in this country, in Shanghai. Through the years, I have always been welcomed with great warmth, and AMI has received unwavering support and an amazing response. Chinese people are very style-savvy, they have a genuine passion for fashion. It was only natural for us to host a repeat show in China, and it is a great joy to share this moment with all our friends, in Suzhou.”

Suzhou, often referred to as the “Chinese Venice,” is a city that intertwines ancient beauty with modern allure. Its network of canals, UNESCO-listed classical gardens, and traditional arts like the Kunqu Opera and Pintan music, contribute to its unique charm. The Xiangmen Wall, a historic site once home to skilled craftsmen, will serve as the stage for AMI’s latest showcase.

The repeat show is a celebration of AMI’s connection with its Chinese audience. It offers an intimate experience of the Maison’s culture and the essence of its craft.