Nanushka unveiled its Fall/Winter 2024 collection, titled “Reframing,” which delves into the art of fabric manipulation to elevate the essence of simple silhouettes. This collection is a testament to the brand’s deep-rooted Hungarian origins, drawing inspiration from the country’s traditional agricultural attire.

For the gentlemen, faux Racka sheepskin is masterfully tailored into a sweeping coat, while also serving as a distinctive accent on the collar of a rounded bomber jacket. The garments are framed by studs, adding a subtle edge to the designs, and the brand’s Kopjafa symbols are intricately quilted into a washed tech velvet jacket, showcasing a fusion of tradition and technology.

The collection pays homage to Hungarian heritage and the simplicity of rural life through hyper-textured pieces made from compact boucle and super fleece.

Check out the menswear collection below: