Pure, the sex-positive dating app that fosters an honest and liberating dating experience launched “Pure Queens” marketing campaign, which empowers women to be lead characters in dating.

In these times of fiery conversations, online talking, neverending anecdotes and a craving for human connections, dating –especially as a girl- can be very challenging to say the least, trying to avoid patriarchal expectations, unsolicited nudes, awful comments and the shame when sensuality and sexuality are expressed under one’s own rules. To provide a safe space for all women to be lead characters in dating, international dating app Pure app is releasing Pure Queens campaign this upcoming March 8th. Pure is a platform to connect with like-minded individuals where women will feel they are in charge of who and how they talk to and gain power on it. One of their Pure Queens ambassadors is Kate or K, a musician and model based in London who has an always expanding creative career with singles like ‘Outta Look’, a collab with ShyGirl and Boysnoize in ‘Tell Me’, a merch line and amazing aesthetics inspired by her childhood in Russia and nature and beautiful women, as she states herself. Kate is one of the stars in Pure Queens release video, an all female project where she and Tatty MacLeod, Dr Tara, Bryanna and Shaziya appear as mythology queens in a videogame fantasy and slaying messages like ‘R.I.P Patriarchy’ or ‘Cut the Bullshit’. We talk to her about her career, her vision on love and dating, on being a Pure Queen, on having agency over how she connects as a woman and one amazing statement she has made: ‘I love myself and do not see anything bad about this’.



Hi Kate! How are you? You are a musician and model, apart from sharing your artistic vision in different fields. How did you start making music? How was the beginning of it all?

I started when I was little, right after music school I began to be interested in the profession itself. At the age of 22 I passed the casting for the girls band Serebro and that’s where my professional career began.

As a model you also work for different brands and you work as a creative director as well for different projects. Were those things that just happened naturally as the expansion of you as an artist?

100%! You work on different projects with interesting people, you start being friends, you begin to help each other, achieve success together, asking for help in different projects when additional vision is needed. So yeah it all happened naturally.



How would you define your music genre/style?

I never know how to answer this question. Sometimes it’s alternative, sometimes it’s pop. I wouldn’t like to define my music to be honest, I just want it to be beautiful.

Your aesthetics and visual style are very powerful, I really like them. What would you say are your main visual references? What do you look up to to get inspired?

I am inspired by my childhood, it is usually post-Soviet aesthetic. I am also inspired by nature and beautiful women.

What is your relationship with fashion?

I love fashion, but I don’t like it when it consumes me, sometimes following trends you can lose yourself a little and look like everyone else. I don’t like shows and fashion weeks just because it takes a lot of your time, I’m more an after party person. 🙂



You are one of the talents in the release of PURE QUEENS, the new dating app by Pure. In the video there are connections with Mythology Goddesses, and you are named ‘Queen Euterpia’, which was the Greek muse for music. If not that, to which feminine deity you feel allured
to/inspired by?

I don’t know about goddesses, but Kim 5+ is fire.

You said ‘I love myself, and I do not see anything bad about this’ on the press release, which I love because confidence is marvelous. How has your journey been to first, embrace yourself this healthily, and then express it so openly? I know honest confidence can be intimidating for some people and even be met with judgment.

When you don’t love yourself, you can’t love others, which it is important to understand. We don’t like other people because we see our own shortcomings in them. Therefore I don’t think it’s possible to somehow condemn self-love, because it brings even more love into the world.

On Pure Queens, women will have power over how the dating app process and tools are accessible to enhance the agency over it. What is your perception on this?

I just love when women have power! 🙂

The video campaign for Pure Queens is an all female directed and portrayed piece which has a videogame aesthetic. In there, your character Queen Euterpia is sporting an amazing outfit and
has as skills ‘Voice Power, Seduction, Brightness’ and ‘reading people’s minds as a superpower’. How does it feel to see yourself represented in such powerful light? How did you pick those characteristics to describe you?

In fact this is a perfect description of me. You can really read people if you have had a lot of experience in communication. And my outfit is gorgeous!

In the video, we can see you and the other Queens literally smashing patriarchal conceptions, social expectations, shame and the dreaded unsolicited nude pics and with messages such as ‘cut the bullshit’, supporting the freedom of expression, of experimentation and seduction for all women. How do all those values align with yourself and your vision of dating, relationships and human interaction?

I like that patriarchy is gradually dying. I like how men began to defend women’s rights, in front of other men who have not yet understood anything. Men like to control our lives and do what is convenient for them. It’s hard to blame them for this; they have always lived this way, because the world was like that. I like to watch the changes and how everyone begins to respect and understand each other, and therefore love each other.

Pure Queens has additional tools for women to navigate dating apps in ways that both give them freedom of action while also knowing they will be shielded against social insistence of how women should behave, act or grant access to themselves, expectations that of course are not up to 2024 standards. I feel it will be a safe space to explore but also to save yourself the exposition to that type of negativity. How do you think that will make you feel as a Pure Queen user? How does that resonate with you?

I think it’s just perfect. Everyone needs to feel save and free.

What is your vision of love?

For me love is actions. For some people it is time spent together, for others it is gifts, for others it is words. For me it’s actions and probably the lack of competition and the willingness to support each other in everything.

What are some qualities you find attractive on a person or would like on a potential date?

I like it when I am respected when I have fun and treated well.

While preparing your interview, I was listening to your edit of ‘tell me’ by Shygirl and Noize. How did that collab happen?

Shy was showing me her new music at mine, I loved it a lot. Then she texted me if I want to sing on one of them and of course, I was happy to do that!

How do you handle all your different artistic endeavors and expressions? How do you find balance?

I have a good therapist. 🙂

What are you most proud of?

I’m proud of myself, my family and friends. We all went through so much and we’re still kind, amazing and love life.

And lastly. What are some future projects you can share with us?

I’m finishing an EP right now, and also I am going to present my project, my brand of nail products, which I’m super exited about.
I also work on my music videos and some collabs I can’t talk much about :). So stay tuned!

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