February 8, 2024, will be a date to remember in the fashion industry and for some, especially for those privileged enough to attend the last show of one of the leading sports brands of all time, PUMA. This event took place in New York City, specifically at the historic Park Avenue Armory, and served (although it did not appear on the official calendar) as a challenge to the conventions when it came to opening New York Fashion Week.

High-profile celebrities such as Emily Ratajkowski, Ashley Graham, Davido*, and Rickey Thompson, among many others, came to the location, and like the rest of the attendees, were more than surprised to see the impressive set designed for the occasion, which consisted of several spaces. The first was a futuristic black spiked wall that welcomed the audience to the site, while the second, the main venue, was an amusement park with a Ferris wheel, a roller coaster, and a sort of merry-go-round that simulated having people seated, wearing the brand’s new sneakers, available in various colours.

PUMA and its show “Welcome To The Amazing Mostro Show” have again made sense of the argument that fashion shows are no longer just shows as such, but experiences. The aforementioned word “Mostro” comes from the Italian language and means Monster. That’s the name given to the iconic sneaker, originally launched in 1999, taken from the company’s historical archives, and characterized by its spiked sole and versatile strap fastening.

This shoe silhouette was combined with the more than 50 looks that made up the Autumn/Winter 2024 collection, designed by global creative director Heiko Desens. Most of them were in black or grey, except a few vibrant colors, adding a cheerful touch to the line. PUMA is back on the American catwalks and ready to offer more fashion than ever, as unlike in the past, sportswear is taking a different direction and is no longer worn for sports, but rather to walk in style on the street and be seen in the place to be in the city where one is. Proof of this are bomber jackets in circular shapes, tracksuits in shiny leather or velour, or extra long/oversized capes in collaboration with BMW. And with accessories like hats, balaclavas, and bags in different shapes, it was the same as with the clothes, they looked more trendy than ever.

Check out the PUMA Autumn/Winter 2024 collection below: