Alan Crocetti unveiled the campaign for his “TO THE CORE” collection shot by Luke Gilford, honoring unique bodies, stories, and paths anchored in what persistently defines each individual’s personhood.

The CORE Line highlights the key sentiment of the Alan Crocetti brand. For 6 years, the designer has used his pieces and imagery to convey a message of self-empowerment and acceptance. It celebrates the brand’s identity by consolidating the status of signature pieces that, due to their eccentricity and newness in terms of design and wearability, keep speaking to many individuals who crave armors that help them externalize their true selves.

Photography: Luke Gilford
Styling: Alexander Picon
Make-up: Grace Ahn
Hair: Lucas Wilson
Models: Tink Eccleston, Charles Raben, Brooks Ginnas, Jake Dupont, Josie Dupont
Post-production: Studio Eerie
Location: Spring Studios NYC