The subject of sex in Russia is still being a weird and controversial trigger. Sexual liberation is still being condemned and considered shameful arousing misunderstanding and aggression of people around. Many are afraid of their feeling of sexual attraction, afraid of saying what in reality they are being attracted by. However, the new generation despite the old norms is changing their attitude towards this matter by their honestly and openly demonstrating desire.

In this new video heroes dressed in clothes from the ODOR FW20 collection do their best to be liked by others in Chatroulette – an online service that allows people to anonymously communicate via video and chats with randomly chosen strangers.


We shot a project about fashion as a part of life as important and beautiful as friendship and sex, without borders and prejudices. ODOR Fall/Winter collection, worn by fifteen different heroes, is almost dissolving in them, erasing the verge of age, gender, and sexual preferences. This is clothing for everyone. Preserving the concept and brand’s DNA it emphasizes the individuality of each person. One of the heroes, my friend living in Paris, is dressed in ODOR archived items from previous collections. This reminds us that the usual fashion seasonality is likely to remain in the past, while the brand items with a clear ideology will always preserve variability and relevance; and clothes like gender will finally lose its attachment to stereotypical associations” – says ODOR brand designer Nikita Kalmykov.

The video director and camera-man is a young artist, photographer, art director, and musician Sasha Chaika from St. Petersburg. In 2016 he took part in the 5th Moscow International Biennale of Young Art at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and in 2019 his works were presented at the EEP Berlin Gallery at the exhibition “Somewheres & Anywheres: Young Photography from Eastern Europe”, as well as within the framework of Berlin Photo Week. His short film “Swallowed by the Routine” was shortlisted for the Fashion Film Awards 2019 and was demonstrated in London last October.

Our film is mostly homoerotic, which is an extremely hot topic for our country, and we do not want to stop at this. We will continue to move towards liberalizing the themes of queer community and sexuality education in general. With the help of modern ideas, visual art, and modern clothing design, we want to continue this sexual revolution in Russia further. I like the ODOR brand in the context and format in which these clothes begin to exist in such projects as our video. I think that the representation of ODOR clothes is rather erotic and it’s cool to create such new ethics of sex in Russia – something frank, honest, removing feelings of shame and aggression in the matters of sexual contact, bodiness, and gender.”- comments Sasha Chaika.