What if you could wear jewelry that not only looks stunning, but also boosts your self-esteem and helps you express your true self? That is the vision of Zylberstein, a jewelry brand that creates pieces that are designed to give strength and attitude to its wearer.

Zylberstein jewelry is an ode to freedom and accomplishment. The pieces are made of metals or fabrics from deadstock, which are sourced from luxury houses and coated with silver or 24k gold in Florence. They are then assembled by hand in a family workshop in Rome, where each chain link is welded manually. The result is a collection of chockers, cuffs, rings and earrings that stick to the skin like unbreakable armor.

The pieces reflect the confidence and charisma of icons like Freddie Mercury and Madonna, who were known for their attitude and presence. The spiked pieces of the Freddie line evoke the energy and flamboyance of Mercury, while the more feminine pieces are provocative and daring like Madonna, who was always in search of freedom and change.

Check out the debut collection below: