Summer holidays are great, we all agree on that, but it is true that there are moments when you have too much time off and think about the return to routine, related to the end of the season. This particular moment has inspired designer Willy Chavarria to create and develop his Spring/Summer 2024 proposal, presented during New York Fashion Week, at the grand lobby of the iconic Woolworth Building in midtown Manhattan.

Despite being unveiled on September 13th, a number feared by the superstitious, everything went perfectly, and the argument that the American edition of Fashion Week needs Willy’s presence was once again reaffirmed. What would NYFW be without this show? We’re not going to state our opinion because you may already know. Still, we’ll say long live Chavarria’s vision because if it weren’t for him, no one (or very few) in the city would take us with his collections to dark leather bars, barbershops, churches, or even museums like the now iconic Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt.

The men who go to these places, all different from each other, according to Willy, tend to dress in summer tailoring, modern sportswear, and touches of eveningwear, all with the poignant narrative that the brand imbues in its work. Within this proposed wardrobe, athletic silhouettes blend harmoniously with tailored outerwear, carefully combined to embody the brand’s universe, and made from washable linen, combined for the first time with graphic tees. These are accompanied by couture pieces made to order in luxurious Japanese fabrics among others, combined with ready-to-wear, and designed with a colour palette centred on khaki, clean white, and touches of light blue.

Check out the Spring/Summer 2024 collection by Willy Chavarria, which he describes as Romance and Dilapidation, below: