Some places hold a special position in one’s heart, either because they have symbolic value, something has happened to you that you will never forget, or simply because they are beautiful and pleasant to be in. This is precisely what Willy Chavarria experienced first-hand, as his latest collection has been presented at the prestigious Cooper-Hewit National Design Museum in New York, where the designer was recently awarded the National Design Award of the fashion institutions.

His “KANGAROO” line is why the designer has returned to this venue. The proposal relates to a story of protection in a cruel and harsh world, where one lives in an ironclad way in the sharpness of its forms and under the comfort of luxurious fabric, power, and looseness. It is a severe look at strength and elegance while defining the world’s future. A new generation is on its way, so it’s time to fight, love and protect each other.

This generation should know about the collection that was unveiled, which coincides with Willy’s first foray into the world of nightwear, where darkness meets light. The offering introduces fine tailoring built on a narrative reclaimed from American history by the designer, using shapes and hints of historical references, which are reimagined in a new light and create modern classics that challenge both gender and class norms. Taking advantage of the mention of “class”, leather blouses and silk scarves highlight a restraint of color with an accent of gardenia white only.

A sustainable touch to the line is provided by materials such as recycled fishing nets and marine waste, made in collaboration with fabric mill Recytex. Let’s be serious and if we advocate for a green and optimistic world, act the right way.

Check out the collection below: