ALVARO MARS, the Spanish designer with a predilection for classic Spanish iconography, has given us something to ponder with his latest creation.

This capsule collection is a tribute to Spanish culture and an exploration of pop culture’s social connotations. ALVARO MARS takes inspiration from the 1995 documentary “The Celluloid Closet,” which sheds light on the portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters in cinema. It’s a bold choice that sets the stage for a unique message.

MARS’s journey begins with his own memories and clichés. He pays homage to Spanish culture, putting a spotlight on the act of getting dressed. It’s a nod to the performance by Tilda Swinton titled “The Impossible Wardrobe,” where the simple act of admiring a garment from a distance is transformed into a celebration of what one owns.

The garments themselves are a testament to sustainability, crafted from recycled materials and treated with various techniques. They bring to life six distinct characters, each with its own narrative. The collection starts with a tribute to MARS’s grandmother, the embodiment of elegance in his culture. Next up, the “flûte à champagne” transforms the classic Cristobal Balenciaga shape into a body-distorting wonder.

The “Sevillana” takes the stage as the flamenco dancer, followed by “The Torero,” inspired by the iconic Spanish matador attire, a personal favorite of the designer. And then there’s “The Lolita,” drawing inspiration from legendary figures like Audrey Hepburn and Dovima. Finally, to wrap up this captivating fashion story, MARS presents “The Montera,” a giant-sized take on the matador’s headpiece.

Check it our below: