From the moment it became public that rapper and designer Tyler, The Creator was involved in the development of a Spring capsule collection with iconic French fashion house Louis Vuitton, currently creatively directed by Pharrell Williams, pop culture went wild and some of its members automatically called the union between the two a dream team.

A month after this happened, the final result of the union has come to light, and, as expected, social media has once again been flooded with coverage. This is what usually happens when two superstars get together, but today is not the time to talk about how iconic Okonma and Williams are, but about their latest work, related to the current season we are in.

The line designed by Tyler and Pharrell explores a different point of view to the one the creative director has of men’s fashion, more oriented towards the guest’s taste, where the preppy style predominates without being boring and is combined with Maison’s heritage. Proof of this is the well-known LV logo, represented on practically all the items that make up the offer, such as tailoring, shirts, different accessories, and bags. It seems impossible to get rid of this element, but sometimes it happens, and that’s when the classic line of clothing comes into play, to be worn for life.

Louis Vuitton bags are considered objects of desire and there are plenty of people who would do anything to have one. It is a very important part of the firm, and therefore, it could not be left out of this capsule. Among all of them, the “Keepall” model, the dog-shaped one that reminds us of Virgil Abloh’s time, and the roll-up suitcase stand out.

Spring 2024 capsule collection by Louis Vuitton and Tyler, The Creator is now available in the company’s boutiques and on its website. Check out the images accompanying the launch below: