Get ready to blast off with #TOGETHERBAND and AIRBUS as they launch the DISCOVER THE COSMOS campaign. What’s even cooler? 100% of the proceeds from this stellar initiative go to support two incredible organizations: WE BUILD IT BETTER and SPACE FOR A BETTER WORLD. These visionary groups are on a mission to promote diversity and foster access to education, science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths – the keys to unlocking the full potential of human ingenuity.

The DISCOVER THE COSMOS campaign, brought to life by #TOGETHERBAND, is all about championing equitable access to education and employment. By doing so, they aim to open doors to a future where innovation knows no bounds. It’s time to shoot for the stars and pave the way for a world where opportunities are abundant for everyone.

These specially designed Goal 9 bands – embracing Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure – are like no other. With a futuristic touch, they feature a metal clasp crafted from Spacecraft Honeycomb, made from the waste offcuts of satellite and spacecraft creation. Talk about out-of-this-world sustainability!

To top it off, the campaign photographed by YURI+ANA is powered by an inspiring roster of ambassadors, including former NASA astronaut Nicole Stott and the founder of SPACE FOR A BETTER WORLD and former Director of the Buzz Aldrin Foundation, Christina Korp. Together, they are igniting the flame of curiosity and exploration, encouraging us all to reach for the stars and make a positive impact on our planet.

So, buckle up and join the cosmic journey with #TOGETHERBAND x AIRBUS DISCOVER THE COSMOS campaign. It’s time to soar into a better, brighter, and more inclusive world.