In the spirit of its 50th anniversary celebrations, Paya Hotels presents an exhibition featuring the talented Mallorcan artist, Ela Fidalgo. Titled “The Glitch is Beautiful,” this showcase is part of the OFF Program introduced by Can Art Fair, dedicated to the artistic creations of the Balearic Islands. The exhibition, highlighting a selection of works from her series “De ente et essential”, can be seen until July 29th, hosted at Blanco Formentera.

Ela’s art embraces the human form, portrayed in a unique and imperfect manner. Far from hyperrealistic or ordinary representations, her figures sometimes possess six fingers or lack legs, evoking a beautifully imperfect notion of humanity. The Mallorcan artist explains that imperfection fuels learning, curiosity, imagination, and creativity.

Beyond exploring the human body, her work delves into profound themes like Artificial Intelligence, contemplating whether machines think like humans and even touches on transhumanism – the potential future of transferring human consciousness to computers. It all boils down to a fundamental question: “How can we thrive in a virtual life if we haven’t yet embraced and committed to our real existence?”

Make sure not to miss this exhibition, where Ela Fidalgo’s art invites you to ponder the beauty found within glitches and imperfections, prompting profound reflections on life, AI, and the future of humanity.