Hong Kong’s AWARE returns with its second seasonal collection, SS25 “TILTED ARC,” channeling the rebellious spirit and cultural upheaval of the 1960s to 1980s. Each era, a hotbed of individuality and anti-establishment movements, fuels AWARE’s exploration of self-expression in a world obsessed with individualism.

Moving away from flashy designs, “TILTED ARC” focuses on intricate details waiting to be revealed. The 11-piece collection features recurring arched elements, with key pieces like the Draper Jacket and Eclipse Trousers offering a subtle nod to the iconic “Mad Men” aesthetic.

A standout is the Handmade Analyse Long Shirt, a direct homage to Richard Serra’s controversial “TILTED ARC” sculpture. AWARE further emphasizes function with the convertible Double-Zip Sjunde Blouson, demonstrating the brand’s ability to blend practicality with fashion-forward design.

Check out the collection below: