In a unique blend of passion and technical know-how, Massimo Osti Studio and Italian sailor-engineer Alberto Riva have joined forces for a three-year partnership.

Alberto Riva, a sailor and sports climber, combines his sailing heritage with specialized technical knowledge. From the family’s vintage ’79 hull to victories in Mediterranean and Atlantic regattas, Riva’s journey is one of skill and adventure.

Their inaugural voyage? The Transat Québec-Saint-Malo—a non-stop ocean race from west to east. Alberto Riva will sail with the Acrobatica Sailing Team aboard the Acrobatica Class 40 boat, testing their mettle against the elements.

Massimo Osti and Alberto Riva share a poetic vision—an exploration of humanity’s connection to the ever-changing marine environment. Their collaboration yields distinctive garments, including a jacket and vest crafted from Satin Rubber, available exclusively on

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