The 15th edition of the International FASHIONCLASH Festival hit Maastricht, Netherlands, from November 17 to 19, 2023. Over this three-day event, emerging designers and artists from across the globe had the stage to exhibit their creations to a diverse international audience.

The festival unfolded with an exhibition, performances, talks, workshops, and fashion film screenings, unveiling projects that dive into, contextualize, and celebrate the contemporary fashion culture. With a lineup featuring the works of 100+ designers, artists, and makers from 30+ countries, FASHIONCLASH Festival became a melting pot of creativity.

One of the highlights of the event was the CLASH House, a platform and development initiative for designers who blur the lines between fashion and other art disciplines, particularly the performing arts. These boundary-pushing creators delve into alternative methods of creating and presenting fashion.

The CLASH House participants underwent a coaching program guided by theatermaker Giovanni Brand and dancer-choreographer Laisvie Andrea Ochoa Gaevska. The goal was to push designers to experiment with presentation formats, fueling innovation and crafting a unique experience for the audience. Hosting the CLASH House was Ariah Lester, decked out in an ensemble by Denzel Veerkamp.

The lineup of CLASH House 2023 participants included Barbara Rozenberg, Jean Flogie, Esra Copur, MAASH, Ruben Jurriën, and Maatrev. Backstage, our photographer Marc Medina captured the best looks, exclusively for Fucking Young!. Scroll down to check it out: