London! Yes, soon the Italian fashion house Gucci, part of the luxury brand conglomerate Kering, will be packing its bags to travel to the British capital to present its Cruise 2025 collection; a proposal with which Sabato de Sarno, the firm’s current creative director, seeks to capture the essence of the London spirit: a confluence of ideas, styles and contrasting personalities that foster creativity.

The show will be held at the iconic Tate Modern, one of the designer’s favourite places in the city. It is a hub of creative activity and dialogue where diverse perspectives converge to inspire meaningful conversations and stimulate cultural exchange. The intersection of art and architecture brings to life an environment that, like the city itself, promotes innovation and challenges boundaries.

With the presentation of the Gucci Cruise 2025 collection at Tate Modern on the horizon, the confluence of art, fashion, and heritage becomes the focus of all eyes. This occasion not only pays homage to Gucci’s celebrated history but also reaffirms its commitment to promoting dialogue across diverse cultural landscapes, capturing the intersection of places, people, moments, and aesthetics through its unique narrative.

As part of Gucci’s commitment to making a positive impact on culturally significant places and the communities within them, the House is pleased to announce a sponsorship of the Electric Dreams exhibition, opening at Tate Modern in autumn 2024, as well as a three-year collaboration to further Tate’s support of young creatives. Through their shared commitment to inclusion and empowerment, Gucci and Tate aim to foster positive exchanges within their communities and inspire creativity in diverse audiences.

What will Gucci and Sabato de Sarno have in store? Time will tell, but they are sure to surprise, as usual.