After announcing Nicolas di Felice as the next designer invited to design a haute couture collection for Jean Paul Gaultier, the French fashion house has announced its new collaboration with Shayne Oliver, co-founder of Hood by Air and founder of Anonymous Club.

Both teams have worked closely together to develop “GLTR Sportswear”, the name given to the 50-piece RTW collection, which is inspired by how the so-called enfant terrible of fashion revolutionised the 90s and Oliver’s signature avant-garde style.

Of the upcoming launch, Shayne has this to say: “I didn’t want the collection to be about swag-ifying something high brow. It felt more organic for me to critique the things I find important in the modern wardrobe, and amplify that. There was a lot of common ground there.”

The Jean Paul Gaultier and Shayne Oliver collection will be available on May 6th. Stay tuned because it’s promising.