Three decades in any industry deserve to be mentioned and, of course, celebrated, especially when it comes to the footwear field, as it is one of the most competent. Nowadays, nothing is achieved just for the sake of it, on the contrary, every success is the result of many years of hard work and dedication. All this can be corroborated by the Spanish footwear brand THE ART COMPANY since it can now boast and say loud and clear that it has been in the sector for thirty years and is one of the undisputed leaders in its target.

Some will probably ask themselves: how is this possible? Well, by being faithful and promoting from the beginning the artistic values and quality that characterise them so much, as well as being one of the most avant-garde, as far as design is concerned. Throughout the years, this part has been elevated by the various collaborations with designers or brands such as David Delfín, Dominnico, Outsiders Division, 44STUDIO, and countless others; soon to be joined by others at national and international levels.

It’s impossible to say that this company doesn’t think big and there is no creativity. About the latter, creativity and art have always been two factors to take into account, hence on the occasion of its thirtieth anniversary, it has brought its #ARTPEOPLE team and together they have made what is known as the largest mural in Spain grow, located in the installations they have in the north of Spain, specifically in Quel (La Rioja), where we recently had the pleasure of being. There we were able to discover first-hand, in addition to the mural, the meticulous process of design, creation, and craftsmanship that they follow when creating a collection, as well as the new MOVE ME technology used in the models that make up the Spring/Summer 2024 line.

To commemorate this whole experience of art and fashion and the date, The Art Company held an exclusive event in Madrid that nobody missed and served as a setting to unveil the different works of the artists that make up the #ARTPEOPLE (@itsaliving @txemy @amaiaarrazola @mur0ne @bymurfin @yu_yubs @polfish_ @spogo15 @ele.zissou @c.a.r.v.v.v.a.l.h.o @tweemuizen).

As a curiosity, these works will be displayed in all Life Concept Stores and will turn into an art gallery, thus bringing urban art closer to customers and at the same time supporting the different artists. There, it will also be possible to purchase the collaboration with @itsaliving, whose work “Amor, Amor, Amor” from the mural will be printed on T-shirts and caps.

Naturally and without intending to, THE ART COMPANY has revealed to everyone what the keys to its success are; keys that will continue to work for thirty years to come.