MR PORTER unveiled its “Made with Craft” campaign. This initiative spotlights a handpicked collection of seasonal offerings and exclusive capsule collections that honor the art of craftsmanship and traditional artisanal abilities.

Starting April 8, shoppers can explore exclusive designs from nine distinguished global brands, each renowned for their commitment to handcrafted excellence within their products. These brands, including A Kind of Guise, Corridor, Kardo, Kartik Research, Jacques Marie Mage, Story Mfg., Stòffa, SSAM, and The Elder Statesman, stand out for their distinctive perspectives, craftsmanship philosophies, and unique manufacturing methods.

The campaign features over 70 exclusive styles encompassing apparel, accessories, jewelry, and home goods. These products showcase masterful artisan techniques such as intricate embroidery, detailed embellishments, and the use of handwoven, dyed materials, as well as carefully chosen raw materials.

Each piece from this special collection will be featured within MR PORTER’s Consciously Crafted edit, a carefully selected range of brands and products that promote craftsmanship, support local communities, encourage responsible manufacturing, and utilize sustainable materials.

Check it out below:


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