Designers Miriam Sanz and Yohei Oki have long been known for weaving their life experiences into the fabric of their fashion label, SHOOP. Their latest Fall/Winter 2024 collection is no exception, marking a significant transition as they unveil their inaugural Tokyo-based series since moving from Madrid. This collection is a deep dive into their personal aesthetic, subtly infused with conceptual motifs.

The duo’s design philosophy is shaped by the stark realities of Japanese winters—a novel backdrop for Sanz and her daughter, yet a familiar setting for Oki. They channel the minimalist fashion of locals, crafting garments that not only brave the chill but also resonate with the rhythm of city life. This collection emerges from a melting pot of cultural influences, offering timeless pieces that seamlessly integrate into the wearer’s daily wardrobe.

SHOOP’s FW24 lineup is a harmonious blend of sportswear, workwear, and military elements—masculine in essence but designed for universal appeal. The brand’s signature lies in the tactile play of materials, understated color palettes, and precision tailoring. A breath of originality permeates their work, with mohair textures adding warmth to a sophisticated color scheme of black, gray, cream, burgundy, and beige. Symbolic accents, such as angel numbers and infinity symbols, lend a profound layer to the collection’s minimalist ethos.

Check out the collection below: