Delve into the profound worlds of introspection and memory with Nicasio Torres’ latest exhibition, “Retorno”, showcased at the Test Gallery from March 23rd to May 04th, 2024. This compelling collection of drawings and paintings embarks on an explorative journey through the layers of time and the echoes of the body’s memories.

“Retorno” is a visual narrative that peels away the layers of the past, seeking a connection with the present. It presents faces that gaze into ours as they gradually vanish, and appearances that unveil a display of textures, reminiscent of the marks left by water on the Earth’s crust. The exhibition captures fleeting feelings from bygone times, surfacing and fading like ephemeral traces.


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The essence of change permeates this exhibition, extending an invitation to release all that hinders our happiness. It’s a voyage towards self-discovery, leading to a fresh start from a reconciliatory vantage point. “Retorno” signifies both a conclusion and a commencement, portraying characters residing in the transient, serenely witnessing the dissolution of illusions to reveal an underlying truth. It heralds a new future, a rejuvenating spring, and a resurgence of love.

Visit Test Gallery at Carrer Milans, 3, open from Wednesday to Saturday, between 2:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.