The upcoming edition of ASVOFF (November 9-12) promises to be a celebration of creative expression, exploration of visual identities, and pluralism. It will feature 8 themed curations, covering topics ranging from sustainability to digital fashion and the Black Spectrum, alongside student films and the official competition. ASVOFF 15 remains dedicated to nurturing emerging voices in fashion filmmaking, with a special focus on Climate Warriors – a new curation program aimed at empowering young activists aged 6 to 12 to become Earth’s guardians.

When We Blossom by Ayanda Iman Sadek

The festival continues to champion diverse voices and compelling narratives. Highlights include the screening of “Queendom” by Agniia Galdanova, “Invisible Beauty” directed by Bethann Hardison and Frédéric Tcheng (acclaimed at Sundance), and “The Versace Saga” by Nicklaus Olivier, paying homage to the iconic designer Gianni Versace. There’s also the chronicle “Kingdom of Dreams” and “Dressing the Part,” a tribute to academy-award nominated costume designer Arianne Phillips, directed by Michael McCool.

Arianne Phillips: Dressing the Part by Michael McCool

The founder and director Diane Pernet has recently received official recognition from the French Ministry of Culture. This prestigious endorsement is a testament to ASVOFF’s significant impact on France’s cultural landscape and its unwavering dedication to the intersection of fashion, style, and beauty in cinema.

Diane Pernet expressed her thoughts on this recent recognition: “The recent endorsement by the French Ministry of Culture echoes ASVOFF’s creative endeavor and perpetual quest for cultural enhancement and diversity. Sublimating the democratization of cinema as a tangible asset – the festival exudes its artistic and singular aura within France and the international community.” Notably, the festival enjoys the support of key figures in the industry, including Adrian Joffe from CDG, Sylvain Amic, Conseiller en Charge des Musées, des Métiers d’Art, du Design et de la Mode at the Ministère de la Culture, and Jay-Jay Johanson, who serves as the President of this edition.

Hidden Master The Legacy of George Platt Lynes by Sam Shahid

This festival is not just about films; it’s about celebrating beauty, embracing our differences, and sharing in the universality of our dreams. As Diane Pernet aptly puts it, “In a world where diversity and pluralism are the pillars of progress, ASVOFF stands as a luminary, guiding the industry towards a promising and resolutely more inclusive future.”