In the must-have update from Dior‘s Spring 2024 collection curated by Kim Jones, the B57 emerges as a statement piece, effortlessly complementing any outfit with its bold lines. These coveted items, distinguished by their retro charm, seamlessly blend elegance with a sporty vibe. Reflecting a cool savoir-faire, this original model incorporates materials that deliver flexibility and comfort, essential for everyday wear.

As a quintessential Dior signature, the CD initials reveal themselves in Jacquard oblique Dior, adorning these exceptional pieces as a homage to the art of detail cherished by the founder of the fashion house. Available in various versions enhanced by gorgeous colors like grey, black, blue, red, beige, or cream, these shoes inject an irresistible casualness into all looks.

In this fusion of craftsmanship and innovation, Dior’s style seamlessly transcends into the present, bringing a touch of effortless sophistication to every step.