Not even the Summer season has started and we are already talking about Fall. Unbelievable but true how fast everything develops in the fashion industry. Samsøe Samsøe knows what we mean because thanks to her we are looking forward to the Pre-Fall 2023 season.

Saying this, you can imagine that if we’re already focusing our attention on PF23 it’s because the Danish brand has already unveiled the pieces that make up this line and its corresponding campaign, which has as its main theme the celebration of brotherly love.

Photographer Karl Felix has been in charge of taking the images that make up the selection, in which the garments worn by the models stand out, thanks in part to the white background on which they have been portrayed. Earth-toned shirts, orange polo shirts, embroidered T-shirts, and denim trousers from the “dessert dust” sustainable denim program give a glimpse of the brand’s world and spirit.

Are you ready for Fall? Or would you rather wait? Check out the images of Samsøe Samsøe‘s Pre-Fall 2023 campaign below: