In the captivating world of timeless contemplation, Patricio Campillo unveils his Fall/Winter 2023 collection, an embodiment of the profound notion and profound impact of time. The perception of time, an intricate interplay between scientific truths and our individual consciousness, becomes a mesmerizing dialogue between objective reality and subjective experience. It forever marches forward, ceaseless in its progression, yet eternally resonant.

Patricio Campillo seamlessly interweaves Mexican traditional elements into a contemporary tapestry, fashioning a universe of unparalleled refinement that evolves with every passing season. Campillo presents a modern and versatile approach to the cherished legacy and idiosyncratic style of Charro culture. With an innate understanding of color, leathers and fabrics, including denim, linen, and silks, are treated with an oxidizing technique, bestowing a raw aesthetic reminiscent of nature’s elements. Oxidation, an inherent facet of the gradual aging process, becomes an emblematic manifestation of the relentless march of time.

Driven by artistic exploration, Patricio ventures into the realm of manipulating oxidation within the collection. By skillfully altering the chemical composition of water, he deftly accelerates or decelerates the aging process, an analogical endeavor reflecting our capacity to influence the ebb and flow of time itself. “To me, it signifies the ability to diminish or intensify the passage of aging and time,” Patricio muses, encapsulating the profound connection between his artistic expression and the enigmatic nature of temporal existence.

Take a look at the collection below: