In Britain, there’s a company that’s found a unique way to deal with waste – by turning it into something valuable. Elvis & Kresse is a business that’s all about giving new life to materials that would otherwise be thrown away.

Back in 2005, Kresse Wesling and James Henrit, the co-founders, noticed that London’s old firehoses were just being discarded. They saw this as a waste of good material. So, they started making luxury accessories out of them, like bags and laptop cases. But they didn’t stop at firehoses. They began looking for other materials that people thought were useless and started making them into high-quality items. Their products are unique because they’re made from 100% recycled textiles.

Their efforts caught the attention of the Burberry Foundation, leading to a partnership aimed at tackling the global issue of leather waste. Together, they’ve transformed over 120 tonnes of leather scraps into new, luxurious items.

Half of their profits go to charity, supporting causes related to the materials they rescue. The Fire-Hose collection’s profits help The Fire Fighters Charity, while the rescued leather profits support Barefoot College International.

Today, Elvis & Kresse’s skilled team works with 15 different reclaimed materials to create beautifully designed bags and homeware. Their Fire & Hide Collection is a testament to their innovation, merging the durability of fire hoses with the elegance of rescued leather from Burberry. Check it out below: