Balenciaga’s Venice store has undergone a nice transformation. Visitors are welcomed into an ephemeral wonderland celebrating the arrival of the Summer 2024 collection. The star of the show? The instant-icon: the Rodeo Bag. The launch coincided with Biennale Arte 2024, the prestigious Venice art fair.

Inside the store, luxurious red velvet curtains drape the walls and dressing room doorways. These curtains, visible through the façade’s street-facing archways, create a beautiful play of light and shadow. The red-carpeted floor invites exploration, setting the stage for Balenciaga’s world.

The Rodeo Bag, crafted from exquisitely tanned and finished leather, balances elegance and versatility. Discreet details tell stories—subtle markings hint at journeys taken, memories made, and adventures yet to unfold. Optional charms add a personal touch, making each bag unique.

During the Balenciaga Summer 2024 Venice installation, 14 distinct styles of the coveted Rodeo Bag await customers. From classic neutrals to bold statements, the Rodeo Bag adapts effortlessly to any occasion.