Reebok‘s experimental journey continues with an innovative twist on a classic – the Reebok Club C FWD. This isn’t your regular Club C; it’s the next-gen evolution.

Crafted by Evan Belforti, the senior footwear designer at Reebok LTD, the Reebok Club C FWD rocks a brand-new look. It boasts an EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) outer frame, amplifying proportions while giving a nod to the classic Club C design.

The standout feature of this sneaker is undoubtedly the silhouette. When you look down at it on your feet, you’ll notice it’s broad, creating a whole new aesthetic in the realm of kicks.” – said Evan Belforti

Following the Club C LTD reinterpretation, this revolutionary model takes a step forward in terms of design and detailing, turning Reebok into a creative playground.

The Reebok Club C FWD comes in two slick colorways – blue and neutral. You can get a pair for 290€ on or globally on Farfetch and select retailers.