Carlota Barrera is at the forefront of a new way of dressing. Her consciously designed collection is a reflection of timeless pieces infused with a contemporary edge. She delves into the unseen details, finding hidden luxury in the art of tailoring that beautifully complements the body.

In a world marked by ceaseless evolution, where the lines of gender gently blur, and identities harmoniously meld into a progressive tapestry, Carlota Barrera’s Core Collection emerges as a testament to sustainability. It’s not just a wardrobe; it’s a carefully curated selection for the modern-day time traveler, someone who effortlessly traverses the past, present, and future. This collection shatters the shackles of nostalgia, instead firmly planting itself in the present, boldly proclaiming a manifesto of fluidity.

The Core Collection charts a path forward, envisioning a world where clothing becomes a catalyst for transformation in an ever-shifting landscape. It stands as a testament to the core values of Carlota Barrera: a celebration of diverse identities, a tribute to adaptability that transcends seasons, and a promise of enduring relevance.

Check out Carlota Barrera’s Core Collection presented during 080 Barcelona Fashion below: