Introducing the latest collection from sustainable streetwear brand RDNT, which focuses on the transformation of both the world and humans. This season, designer Andre Tan places extra emphasis on the issue of global warming and its far-reaching consequences.

The world is undergoing significant changes, with events such as climate change, natural disasters, pandemics, economic crises, and devastating wars affecting us all and leaving us searching for answers,” explains Tan. “As Ukrainians, we are particularly aware of the impact of war and crises. At the same time, the way people work, live, and communicate is transforming on a global scale. With RDNT, I invite everyone to embrace these changes with joy and openness.

Since its inception, the RDNT brand has stood for freedom of expression, love, and happiness. With the FW23/24 collection, featuring a range of bodysuits, tops, shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, bombers, leggings, pants, parkas, and puffer coats imbued with the brand’s distinctive DNA, Andre Tan explores how clothing can facilitate the transformation process. Unique symbols and phrases, such as “power inside” and “the power of the moment”, adorning select pieces, act as affirmations for their wearers. The majority of the clothing is unisex and made from recycled plastic.

Take a look at the campaign images below: