RAINS, a brand that specialises in warm clothing, is more than ready for the clouds to break and unload all their rain so that we can start wearing the garments they have in store for the Fall/Winter 2023 season.

The latest launch by the Danish company is called “Thermal” and is a collection comprising five different categories of outerwear pieces, each with a different selection, although all of them coincide in the meticulous design with which they have been made and have been designed to cope with low temperatures in the best possible way, thanks to their thermal fabric.

The categories that RAINS has are the following: Alta, Bator, Harbin, Kevo, and Vardo. Starting with their corresponding order, the first one stands out for the presence of the emblematic silhouette of the brand, as well as for the reliability in cold conditions thanks to the featherless chamber technology integrated into the garments.

In the case of Bator, the clean silhouettes and accompanying quilted chambers, finished with concealed detailing, stand out. Each coat is made to be highly wind and water-resistant and above all the wearer will withstand extreme weather and be constantly warm.

Following the second is Harbin which could be defined as the perfect reimagining of the traditional puffer. This part is one of the highlights thanks to the contemporary aesthetics, the XL look, and the locked chamber geometry construction.

Kevo, the most sporty and luxurious of all, is in second place, distinguished by its smooth exterior and inner padding, as well as the prints on the garment, as it is the only category that has them.

To close the cycle comes Vardo, equipped with the highest waterproof specifications of the collection, and ready to be the most chic of all, partly because of the Packaway hoods, functional as can be.

Which one do you choose? We already have our favourite, but we want to hear from you. If you already know and you’re planning to buy something, head over to its website, the collection is already available. Check out the RAINS FW 23 lookbook below: