June is the official pride month for the LGBTQ+ community. It happens in the United States to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which occurred at the end of June 1969. As a result, many pride events are held during this month to recognize the impact LGBTQ+ people have had in the world. To celebrate this colorful month, here 9 musicians who represent in 9 different ways the queerness side of this current music industry.
1. Perfume Genius – On The Floor 
Last month, Mike Hadreas mainly known as Perfume Genius released his fifth studio album “Set My Heart On Fire Immediately”. He teamed up with his longtime partner and musical collaborator Alan Wyffels as well as French photographer Camille Vivier for the visuals. This record explores and subverts concepts of masculinity and traditional roles and his single “On The Floor” sounds like Cyndi Lauper-nodding celebratory pop anthem.

2. Ian Isiah – N.U.T.S 
Ian Isiah is more than a queer artist but is someone that you can’t put in a box. His soulful voice has nothing to do with his extravagant look and that’s why we can’t resist his music. Working with some amazing alternative hip-hop artists like Dev Hynes and Theophilus London, Isiah is currently giving us some sexual and powerful soul banger, and his latest track N.U.T.S is one of the best slow jam of the year.

3. KRIVERS – Freaks 
In 2017 we discovered Medhi Touré in Robin Campillo’s successful movie 120 BMP which follows the lives of AIDS activists in the early 90s in Paris. Three years after this acting experience, he is back with his music projet KRIVERS.  The first EP “It’s Your Turn” just came out and he teamed up with fashion weirdo artist Vava Dudu and it’s freaky addictive. As well as his track “Freaks”.

4. Tama Gucci – I Let You (feat. X-Coast)
Freshly signed to b4 (an imprint of mythical label 4AD), Tama Gucci has nothing to do with the luxury brand of Alessandro Michele but this model and musician has an edgy and unique fashion taste if you check his Instagram. His latest single “I Let You” featuring Brooklyn-based club producer X-Coast is a cyborg goth-pop queer song that will make dance all night, with or without poppers.

5. Trove Sivan – Take Yourself Home 
Last time we meet pop wonder boy Troye Sivan was in our Mystic issue is 2018. Since the release of his second album “Bloom”, he’s been always present on the internet supporting the queer community and the young ones struggling with their sexuality. During the worldwide quarantine, Sivan dropped a track called “Take Yourself Home” which became the official lockdown song of this sanitary crisis.

6. Arca – KLK (feat. Rosalia) 
No need to introduce Venezuelan electronic record producer Arca. After three studio albums and contributed on production with Björk, Kayne West, FKA Twigs, and Frank Ocean, she is releasing “KiCk I” this month with some amazing contributors including new flamenco alternative singer Rosalia. It’s an avant-garde reggaeton track which will be one your of summer jam for track for sure.

7. Zebra Katz – Moor
Rick Owens put Ojay Morjan better know by his stage name Zebra Katz into the spotlight in 2012. His track “Ima ready” became viral and fashion people were living their best life on the dancefloor during after-parties. Zebra was among the first ones with Mykki Blanco and Cakes da Killa to explore their queerness openly in this music industry. Don’t put him in a box, he’s not here to become your queer icon, he just wants to express how a black man can cope in this industry by himself, and his first record “Less is Moor” is about this.

8. Keiynan Lonsdale – I Confess My Love
Keinan is an Australian actor, dancer, and most recently a singer-songwriter with the release of his debut record Rainbow Boy. If Lonsdale prefers not to label his sexuality, he is one of the cutest and funny queer artist you need to follow on Instagram. Every post is full of positivism and will make you smile as well as will make you feel gorgeous. His music is the perfect soundtrack when you want to feel confident in your daily life. The track “I Confess My Love” is a sassy jam that will put you in a romantic and ratchet mood.

9. Lady Gaga feat. Elton John – Sine From Above
When Gaga released “Born This Way”, she decided to become a mother for all these different young kids around the world feeling out of the box due to their sexuality. She became since the begging of her career a queer icon for all pop music lovers. Her latest album “Chromatica” is the official soundtrack of your favorite gay club in Mykonos and this song with Sir Elton Jones will not contradict this.