Premiata presents its eco-friendly samples: the John Low sneakers and the BOOKER backpacks.

The new John Low model, in name of circular economy, and the men’s BOOKER backpacks are produced in the perspective of an evolution of the brand towards an increasingly industrial circularity.

In this way, PREMIATA expresses its concept of sustainability, based on the reuse of materials and great attention to the rational use of raw materials. John Low is produced by 80% of renewable materials through Italian patents that consider the preciousness of a scarce resource like water. The men’s BOOKER, made with recycled materials, get their inspiration to the travel backpack but they are resized to daily usage.

John Low sneakers are available in in the best fashion retailers, in the Premiata flagship shops and online. Backpacks are sold in single-brand stores, in the best fashion retailers and online.