Patta has teamed up with Boris Tellegen, a well-known Dutch artist, to create ‘Power Play.’ This limited edition artwork is inspired by the simple joys of childhood like building blocks and the first transformer toy. It’s a nod to those carefree days, but with a grown-up twist that reflects Tellegen’s unique style.


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Tellegen has made a name for himself with his 3D graffiti that pops off the wall and makes you think twice about what art can be. ‘Power Play’ carries this same spirit. It’s not just something to look at; it’s something that starts conversations and gets people thinking about art in new ways.

Only 85 of these ‘Power Play’ pieces are available, and they come in a range of colors that represent all the different paths creativity can take. It’s art, but it’s also an invitation to remember how fun it is to just play around and see what happens.

Check it out below: