La Manso has definitely put themselves on the map as more than a vibe since launching in 2019. The playful, ’90s-inspired rings from repurposed plastics in cyber colors have gone viral on socials along with their last Jean-Paul Gaultier collaboration. Now founder and designer Adriana Manso has turned to metals while the collection echoes with diversity and inclusion. Gold, silver and pink gold make up the collection are inspired by tribal and ancestral jewelry.

Adriana Manso along with stylist Tania Morenilla and photographer Aleix Barau created the Metal campaign to depict everyday occurrences in Barcelona, where they all live, specifically “El Parc de la Ciutadella” in front of Adriana’s house. Pieces are styled with effortless ease in which minimalism and maximalism are blended, as well as various materials with an unmistakable DNA from the Spanish brand. Fitting as each piece is crafted in Barcelona.

Take a look below:


Photographer – Lifestyle ALEIX BARRAU @aleix.barau
Photographer – Ecom MARIA AÏT ABDELLAH @___ave_____
Stylist TANIA MORENILLA @tanmore
Stylist assistant/props SANTI MEDINILLA SANABRIA @sandyysanabria
Stylist assistant/props PABLO SOLANO @la_solanooo
MUA BLAU @byblau_
Talents: @baba_.keita @ilenia.gobbato @vatuttobowie @ilenia.gobbato
Model agency: @isla_management
Executive Producer LOR SOLANO @lorsolano
Production coordinator PAU VALL @pauxvall
Production assistant RITA DÁVILA @ritadavilaserraa
Team @Emma.fitzgerald__ @mariielopez_ @lauramagrinya_