PANTALON has recently unveiled its latest collection, called STREET LIZARD. The collection is based on the concept of street lizards, which are reptiles that live in the city and use their surroundings to regulate their body temperature. They can bask in the sun to warm up or hide underground to cool down. They are well adapted to the urban environment and feel at home in the concrete jungle.

The STREET LIZARD collection aims to capture the lizard’s ability to harness solar energy and the colors and textures of these beautiful creatures. The collection is designed to blend in with the cityscape and reflect the lizard’s natural habitat. It includes pants in three colors: red, brown, and green. The unique feature of the STREET LIZARD is the premium embossed corduroy. The pattern is pressed onto the fabric, giving it a three-dimensional look and feeling.

Videographer and director Emil Farber shot the campaign for the collection. The main hero of the campaign is Emil Brukman, a dancer from Batsheva Dance Company, who showcases the pants in various urban settings.

Check it out below: