What does this title say to you? “Welcome to Miami”. Surely when you read it, your mind automatically started humming Will Smith’s mythical song. It’s understandable, the same thing has happened to us, but let’s go further because this title has to do with the latest Spring/Summer 23 collection by Francesco Ragazzi for Palm Angels.

Miami and the Fresh Prince had a lot to do with this collection, but not 100% since there are a lot of vibes related to the Californian skate-luxe theme on a global scale. The mix of these two styles has led the brand to offer a selection of refined and sensitive garments.

Angular Memphis shapes, Italian tailoring, and pastel colors are what we can “a priori” find in abundance in the line, which for a moment has left its urban stamp and embraced elegance. As a curious fact about Ragazzi’s SS23, he used his photographer’s eye to capture a series of character studies in the garments, for example in the minimalist tailoring (which we mentioned earlier), in the pastiche of the workwear and in some tourist shop kitsch that becomes real in the form of shark-print trousers or palm tree bags. All very souvenir-like, as you can see, which seems to be something that is going to come on quite strong next year, given that several designers have gone for this kind of trend. The jelly shoes put the accent on the off-duty aesthetic.

Ragazzi, if you didn’t know, apart from being a designer, is a lover of photography and a professional in every sense of the word. This has led him to put his extensive knowledge of the sector to work in a collaboration with Getty Images, which is trying to tell part of Miami’s history through his archive images. The purpose of this partnership? To keep the watermarks of the Getty images and make them part of the collection.

Shall we go to Florida together? Pack your bags and let’s get dressed with the new Palm Angels collection. I’m in Miami b**ch…

Take a look at the collection below: